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(Deutsch) Tax Austria News

  • Brexit preperation by Amazon

    Ahead of the Brexit deadline on the 31st October, Amazon have recommended that sellers prepare by moving 4 – 8 weeks’ worth of inventory to both sides of the...

  • New VAT rules “Quick Fixes 2020”

    Last week the Spanish Tax Authorities published the Draft Bill for modifying the VAT Law and the VAT Regulation with the purpose to include the simplification measures related with the...

  • Monaco taxation agreement approved by EU

    The agreement will require EU member states and Monaco to exchange information automatically as a means of helping to prevent tax evasion. It will give their tax administrations...

  • Russia: VAT on eServices approved

    Russian Parliament has approved an 18% VAT  for eServices. The new VAT will commence 1 January 2017 and will apply to services such as online gaming, eBooks and...

  • US-Draft “Online Sales Tax Simplification Act 2016″

    Washington is attempting to solve the online sales tax issue once again. A discussion draft of the Online Sales Tax Simplification Act of 2016 by House Judiciary Committee...

  • Negocios con y en Europa

    Normas impositivas en  el comercio entre  Latinoamerica  y  Europa Cómo las empresas latinoamericanas pueden vender productos en Europa sin un establecimiento permanente o filial en ella.  Miembros de...

  • Guide to the VAT Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)

    This guide aims at providing a better understanding of the EU legislation (see Annex 1) relating to the mini One Stop Shop, as well as the functional and...

  • A guidance for micro-businesses

    A guidance for micro-businesses supplying electronic, telecommunications and broadcasting services (source: EU-Kommission 23 May 2016) . Since 2015, these services are to be taxed where the recipient –...


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